Colombia Sierra Nevada Organic Decaf
Colombia Sierra Nevada Organic Decaf Colombia Sierra Nevada Organic Decaf


Grower: 19 Members of Grupo Sierra Inconexus S.A.S
Region: Ciénaga, Santa Marta, and Manaure communities of
Magdalena Department, Colombia
Variety: Caturra, Castillo, Colombia, and Typica
Elevation: 1400 - 1900 masl
Process: Fully Washed, fermented, sun dried. Mountain Water Decaffeination.
Certification: Organic
Caramel, Chocolate, Light Citrus. Sweet, Soft, Velvety.

We are excited to offer this micro-milled, certified organic, decaffeinated Crown Jewel from Royal Coffee. This coffee will work well for espresso based drinks or as your favourite brewed coffee.

Thisis a velvety-smooth coffee with a rich chocolatey base with a nuanced complexity of baking spice and mild citrus notes that really grabs you. It’s also an effortlessly sweet coffee, and one that’s an absolute pleasure to drink. It makes the perfect substitute for that extra cup in the morning, or a lovely complement to desserts after dinner.

While Southern Colombian departments like Cauca and Nariño are busy soaking up roasters’ attention, northern regions are quietly churning out remarkable coffees with minimal fanfare. The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains are a compact set of isolated coastal peaks rising out of the southern Caribbean sea in Colombia’s northernmost region. The reputation of the food and culture of towns like Cartagena and Barranquilla often overshadows the fact that the region is uniquely suited for specialty coffee production as well.

The Ciénaga, Santa Marta, and Manaure communities where this coffee was grown are actually positioned further north than the growing regions in both Panama and Costa Rica. This lot comes from a small group of 19 farmers associated with our export partner, Inconexus. Adriana Villanueva and her team have made a reputation for introducing roasters to unique and isolated coffee producers who otherwise might not have access to the specialty market despite their high quality. Inconexus has set up a nearby cupping lab and dry mill in Santa Marta, making access to this relatively remote growing region a possibility.

After selection by Inconexus, Royal Coffee contracted the coffee for decaffeination in Veracruz, Mexico using the Mountain Water Decaffeination process.