Colombia Quindío Decaf
Colombia Quindío Decaf
Origin: Colombia
Region: Quindío

Process: Sugarcane Ethyl Acetate

Chocolate, cherry, almond aroma. Milk chocolate, light nuts, light strawberry flavour. Medium-light cup, soft, creamy

We are excited to offer this excellent, clean decaf that tastes like real coffee! This coffee is working well as an espresso as well as filter or immersion coffee.

These beans were processed using a natural decaffeination method. Many coffees are decaffeinated with the use of synthetic chemicals and high heat, which can negatively alter the taste of the coffee. However, by washing the beans using ethyl acetate derived from the natural fermentation of sugar cane, the structural integrity of the bean is protected, and the natural flavors of the coffee are able to shine through.

Quindío is a small department in west-central Colombia, crossed by the Andes mountains. The local economy is centered on the production of coffee, and the department is recognized as part of the Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia, a UNESCO World Heritage-listed region. Quindío’s agricultural heritage is celebrated at the Parque Nacional del Café, a coffee-themed amusement park located outside of the departmental capital.

Quindio, Colombia