Nicaragua Un Regalo - Esperanza
Nicaragua Un Regalo - Esperanza Nicaragua Un Regalo - Esperanza Nicaragua Un Regalo - Esperanza Nicaragua Un Regalo - Esperanza

A new offering from Green Haven Imports!

Nicaragua Un Regalo - Esperanza
Variety: Bourbon
Region: Mozonte, Nicaragua
Farm: Luis Alberto Balladarez's Un Regalo Estate
Altitude: 1650 m asl
Process: Washed and dried on raised Afircan beds
Direct Trade Microlot

Orange, herbal, and spicey (black pepper) aroma with caramel and chocolate notes. Medium body. Creamy, buttery mouth feel. Well balanced.

This delicious washed, bourbon, microlot coffee comes from Luis Alberto Balladarez’s “Un Regalo" (A Gift) Estate in Mozonte, Nicaragua. It comes to us through our good friend Jaime Ardon and his boutique coffee importing company Green Haven Imports.  

Luis Alberto Balladarez is a name synonymous with excellence in the specialty coffee industry. His coffees have consistently placed in the upper tier of the Cup of Excellence competitions in Nicaragua. Over the course of the last decade, Luis has been honing his skills and furthering his knowledge in specialty coffee practices, enabling him to continue producing high quality coffee offerings year after year. His constant experimentation with natural and honey processes have made him a renowned and noteworthy contributor to specialty Nicaraguan coffees and made him a reputable and respected figurehead in the country. 

Immediately on the journey up to his estate, it is impossible not to be mesmerized by the surrounding majesty of the pine and Encino trees and the fauna that creates a unique ecosystem that contributes to exceptional growing conditions. Apart from the geographical setting of the estate, “Un Regalo” also has a sophisticated washing station and mill, Las Segovias, that is managed under Luis’ watchful and diligent eye. The coffee cherries are first separated by a siphon tank, which does the initial sorting before depulping. The cherries are then fermented at a wash canal and then dried on raised patio beds for 12 days at the mill. The vertical integration of the coffees, further reassures the quality that is expected from Luis’ coffee estates and his entire flow of production. His coffees are true, zero defect coffees.

Green Haven Imports is a boutique importer of excellent Nicaraguan micro-lot coffees, sourced from some of the finest growers and cultivators in the country. Green Haven’s portfolio includes Cup of Excellence finalists and award-winners, as well as artisans whose relentless pursuit of enhanced cup quality continues to lead to better, more responsible techniques for growing and processing. Jamie takes pride in his direct-trade relationships with these artisans, and is active in his support of ethical and transparent cultivation techniques, as well as fair labour practices.