Sumatra Pelompek Kerinci Honey Process
Sumatra Pelompek Kerinci Honey Process Sumatra Pelompek Kerinci Honey Process Sumatra Pelompek Kerinci Honey Process

A rare, honey processed, Sumatran microlot coffee

Koperasi ALKO Cooperative
Pelompek, Kerinci – Sumatra

Growers: Koperasi ALKO Cooperative, small family owned plots
Variety: Andung Sar
Region: Pelompek District, Kerinci Regency, Jambi Province, Sumatra, Indonesia
Altitude: 1,350 - 1,600 m asl
Process: Honey Processed - Pulped and dried on raised beds under a parabolic canopy

Cacao, Citrus, Honey, Apricot, Plum. Juicy, Clean, Well Balanced

Honey process coffees are somewhat of a rarity in Indonesia, but alternative processing methods are gaining in popularity. Generally produced only in smaller quantities, these special preparations go mostly to the thriving domestic specialty coffee  market  in Indonesia, and  rarely see export. Koperasi ALKO and Yudi Putra were able to produce enough of this outstanding lot to export, and  now we can  taste the sweet result of their hard  work internationally.

The area surrounding Mount Kerinci, and the small town of Kersik Tuo in particular, is known as a local jumping off point for ecotours for both domestic and international tourists in Indonesia. It wasn’t until relatively recently that this area has become well known for coffee production. Home to one of Southeast Asia’s largest populations of wild tigers and general feline biodiversity, the adjoining Kerinci Sablat National Park is the area’s largest draw.

These cats know how to grow coffee, too. The 140 members of the ALKO and Barokah cooperatives come together from the villages of Pelompek, Jernih Jaya, and Gunung Tujuh to learn about coffee production on a regular basis. Their coffee shrubs are intercropped with vegetables generally sold at the local market, a practice which enables the farmers to maintain a steady income throughout the year.