Yemen Haraaz Red Marqaha

A complex cup for lovers of high end coffee. Limited Availability.

Yemen Haraaz Red Marqaha
Variety: Tuffahi, Dawairi, Ismaili and Jaadi
Region: Haraaz
Farm: Small Hold Farmers
Altitude: 1900 - 2440 m asl

Process: Natural. Ripe cherries dries on raised beds.

Lavender, rose, chocolate covered cherries, oranges, clove, nutmeg, cantaloupe flavours. Complex. Creamy and smooth.

Yemeni coffee is highly sought after and often demands premium prices. As a green coffee, this one cost about 4x our usual cost. As such, we only have a limited amount....enjoy it while you can.

Yemeni coffee is normally harvested from dried cherries picked straight from the tree. After the cherries are picked they are spread on rooftops or on sheets and allowed to dry even more of the next two to three weeks. Because rooftops are small, the layer of cherries can be thick leading to uneven drying and often unpleasant, unpredictable flavours. When the coffee is ready to be exported, it is milled and away it goes.

This Haraaz Red Marqaha is bought as ripe cherry from the farmer, not as dried cherries. This way, we know only the best, ripest cherry are selected. Next, the cherries are dried on raised beds and not on the traditional rooftop. This allows the perfect drying environment with the development of a wonderfully complex range of flavours and aromas. You’ll see it in the cup.

One of the most ancient histories of coffee production belongs to this small peninsular nation that juts into the Red Sea. However, Yemen has been in the grips of a devastating civil war, making the availability of its coffees unpredictable to exporters. As we’ve seen from other coffee-growing regions in recovery from political or martial turmoil, such as in Rwanda and Honduras, high-quality specialty coffee can be a positive and productive element of economic and social rebuilding. We hope the same will be true for the beautiful people and the marvelous coffee of Yemen.