A French Press or plunger pot is an often-underrated method of brewing coffee. It is a simple, inexpensive and reliable way to make a great, full-bodied cup of coffee.

French press coffee calls for a coarser grind than filter coffee and we recommend a slightly higher ratio of coffee to water (1:13).

What you will need: water, coffee, French press, cereal spoon, scale, timer

Dosage: 60 grams of ground coffee; 800 mL (800 g) of hot water

Grind: coarse sand (like kosher salt) (28-30/40 on a Baratza)

Water Temp: 30 seconds off boil (200° F)

Total Time: 4 minutes (no longer than 6 minutes)

  1. Fill the French press pot with hot water to pre-heat.
  2. Weigh and grind your coffee while you boil your water for brewing.
  3. Empty the pre-heat water from the French press pot.
  4. Add the ground coffee to the press pot and place the pot on your scale. Tare your scale.
  5. Start timer.
  6. Pour in the correct weight (800 g) of water (30 seconds off the boil) slowly, in a circular motion. If you are not using a scale, measure and add the correct volume of water, 30 seconds off the boil. The coffee when wet releases gas and will rise to the top in a “bloom”.
  7. Gently dunk the bloom with a spoon, moving around the outside and then center to release the gases. Don’t stir the coffee.
  8. Place the plunger in the pot and press down until the bloom is just submerged.
  9. After 4 minutes, plunge slowly and gently, and then pour.
  10. French Press coffee will have some sediment. To minimize getting that grit, leave about a centimetre of coffee in the press pot.