A Subscription?
Remember the record clubs from the 70s? How about magazines? Now, you can have your coffee show up in the mail (or pick it up if you are local).

Our subscriptions are designed so that you can have fresh Contrabean coffee show up right when you need it. 

Each shipment is 2 - 12oz (340) bags of coffee (3 bags for the 3 Pack Subscription). Choose a frequency of every 2 or 4 weeks. Our coffee is roasted fresh and shipped weekly.

When we choose our coffees, we try to select coffees that will be enjoyable either as filtered coffee or as an espresso. Aside from any blending that may happen at the farm or washing station level, our coffee for espresso is the same as our filter coffee offerings; that is, Single Origin. We may roast our beans for espresso a little longer so that the coffee's natural sweetness is developed appropriately for the fast, high pressure brewing that is espresso.

When you sign up, you get an account that allows you to change the frequency of delivery or pick-up, your address and even skip a delivery if you're going away for a couple weeks. If once a month is not enough, or every 2 weeks is too much, simply log in and change to a schedule that works for you.

Our mailed Subscriptions ship 2 coffees at a time and costs $38.50, shipping included. The 3 pack shipped cost is $56.

Our Local Pick-up Subscriptions also include 2 coffees and will be available for pick-up saving you a few bucks. Local pick-up subscriptions will cost $33 for 2 bags.

A few more points:

Our coffees are hand selected, allowing you to explore the world of coffee through our premium beans through the different growing seasons.

Subscriptions are automatically recurring. Pause, cancel or skip a shipment at any time.

Enjoy fresh coffee every morning. Schedule your coffee delivery service (or pick-up) now.