Automatic Drip, filter machines eliminate a lot of guess work and make for very repeatable coffee. Be consistent with the amount of coffee and water, and the grind trust the brewer to do its job. However, many inexpensive home filter coffee machines don’t make great coffee, largely because they are not capable of heating the water up to the correct temperature for brewing. If you are shopping for a new coffee maker for home, look for one that has been certified to reach a optimal temperature for brewing coffee. Look for a brewer that is endorsed by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. Also look for a machine that brews the coffee in to a thermal carafe, rather than one with a hot plate.

What you will need: water, coffee, paper filter, brewer, scale

Dosage: 60 grams of ground coffee; 1 Litre (1000 g) of water (1:16-17)

Grind: fine - medium (14 - 15/40 on a Baratza).

Total Time: 5 - 7 minutes

  1. Place a filter in the brewing basket and to rinse the filter under a hot tap.
  2. Weigh and grind your coffee just before you start brewing
  3. Add your freshly ground coffee to the brewing basket. Shake gently to level the surface of the ground coffee
  4. Place the brewing basket in the machine
  5. Fill the machine with fresh water to appropriate level (e.g. 1L)
  6. Switch on the machine and allow the brew to finish.
  7. Remove the filter and grounds and discard or compost.
  8. Enjoy your coffee!