Our goal is to help you explore and experience the world of specialty coffee from the comfort of your home. We roast in small batches so our customers experience the freshest coffee possible.

All of our coffees are Direct Trade; sourced through relationships with a handful of select coffee importers who buy direct from the farm or co-op. We've also established some of our own direct trade relationships with farmers, and have started visiting the farms and meeting the growers. Through these relationships we are able purchase very high quality specialty coffees that are traceable to their origin. We buy coffees that demand a premium price, which in turn allows farmers, co-ops and growing regions to improve their social (e.g. gender equity), environmental and coffee infrastructure.

Coffee, like other agricultural products, is also a seasonal crop. Coffee from different countries ripen at different times of the year. As a result, our coffee offerings will change throughout the year. Whenever we can, we will honour our relationships and return to regions, co-ops or farms. This way we can revisit our favourites and help producers establish a reliable customer base.